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Providing facilities worthy of visiting tourists throughout the year and ensuring they meet quality standards in all areas of the game requires an excellent course maintenance programme.

Our approach

The specific features of the layout and seasonal use of the golf club are factors we consider in our pragmatic approach.
Preventing disease, respecting the environment, rising fuel prices, the cost of labour and optimising existing equipment are all subjects our experts are regularly asked about.
Our high standards translate daily into the working methods, training and best practice approach we have developed for every site in our network.

Best practices

– Development of a fertilisation plan and mechanical operations schedule
– Recommendations for a stock of equipment and its technical monitoring
– Choice of grasses, plant protection and disease prevention
– Organisation of maintenance in line with commercial constraints
– Sustainable use of water resources
– Staff and management training and the organisation of work programmes

Building, fit-out and renovation projects are regularly carried out, taking into account any best practices identified.

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