Le golf vituel avec TrakMan Range, Resonance Golf Collection

TrackMan Range Technology

Discover a new connected way to play golf ! The TrackMan Golf technology is suitable for all wether you have never played golf, are a beginner or experienced player.

What is a TrackMan golf simulator ?

Thanks to TrackMan Range, experience a new game where passion meets the most precise connected technology in the world !

TrackMan Range offers more than golf : it is the most reliable and flexible interactive experience on the market. The golf software is considered the best on professional tours and is approved by the best players in the world.
Easy to use, the TrackMan Golf app adapts to every need. It allows everyone to play golf in a fun and entertaining way while analysing game data.

Radars are placed on our practice areas to translate up to 8 measure and data points offering a high-level experience.

Advantages to play golf with TrackMan golf simulator.

The TrackMan technology adapts to your needs wether you want to play alone, or with family or friends. Also focus on your own game with its analysis and training modes, or virtually escape to one of the most prestigious and legendary courses in the world. All this is possible with the TrackMan golf simulator!

Train on our golf range with TrackMan !

TrackMan now accompanies you on your practice sessions at the driving range with its virtual golf software !
Developped to measure 8 data points, it will allow you to track your progress off the course and during your next round of golf with detailed reports.

TrackMan will measure for you at each swing :

  • Carry : the distance covered by the ball in the air between impact and the first bounce.
  • Total distance : the total distance including the bounces and ball roll.
  • Ball speed : the ball speed right after the impact.
  • Height : the maximum height of the ball during its flight
Golf indoor Trackman, Resonance Golf Collection
  • Launch angle : the vertical angle of the ball’s departure from the ground
  • Side : the distance to the right or left of the target line from where the ball lands
  • Launch direction : the initial direction in degrees of the ball in relation to the target
  • From pin : the distance between where the ball stops and the selected target.

Trackman will take care of personalised training sesssions. This golf software adapts to all your needs. After each session with TrackMan, the app saves your data. So you can review each of your sessions whenever you want.

You also have the possibility to calibrate your clubs to learn more about your game. This feature allows you to know the real distance of each club in your bag.

Have fun with the TrackMan golf simulator !

Jouer au golf avec Trackman en famille ou entre amis, Resonance Golf Collection

TrackMan games have been developped to offer you memorable experiences with your family or friends. Challenge your close ones, score points and get rankings !
The 4 games are accessibles to all (wether you play golf or not) who wish to spend good times with their closed-ones in a unique setting and disconnect from daily life.

Discover golf or a new way to play golf while having fun.

  • Closest to the pin : Approach competition
    On each hole, three attempts, the best shot is scored. Your final score will be the average of your best shots on each hole.
  • Bullseye : best of 1000 !
    Each hole has three attempts, the further you hit the more points you score. Your final score will be the sum of all the points acquired during the challenge.
  • Hit it ! : Drive competition
    Three attempts, whoever hits the ball the furthest, wins. Ideal to play with your friends or challenge yourself to do better than the previous time.
  • Catch the flag : Race to the flags
    Three attempts at each shot, the player closest to the target wins the corresponding flag.

Beyond the fun of these 4 virtual golf games, this practice allow golfers to improve their game in a playful way without realising it.

Escape with TrackMan virtual golf !

Play on the most beautiful and legendary golf courses renowned over the world with the TrackMan golf simulator.

Choose from 164 golf courses : St Andrews Links Old Course, Le Golf National, Valderrama or Pebble Beach and try a surprising virtual golf experience just as if you were there ! Every graphic has been properly rendered to leave nothing to chance.

This feature is accessible to all levels of play, you can play up to 6 players and choose your game format,match play, stroke play or stableford. For those in a hurry, you can play a quick 9 holes only. To speed up play, each hole will end automatically when you are less than 20 meters from the hole.

Data will appear directly after each shot and will be determined using an algorythm based on statistics from the PGA Tour.

Jouer sur les plus beaux parcours de golf du monde avec Trackman, Resonance Golf Collection

Access to TrackMan Range in 4 Resonance Golf Collection golfs.

4 golf courses from the Resonance collection are featured in TrackMan golf simulato. Each are freely accessible and you only need to grab a bucket of balls and choose a bay of your choice. The TrackMan experience starts now !

Golf simulator – Driving Range at Le Touquet

Golf du Touquet on the Opal Coast can provide the TrackMan experience on all the covered bays thanks to their big screens.

Le Golf du Touquet et son célèbre parcours 18 trous la mer
Golf Pass de la Côte d'Opale

Golf simulator – Driving Range at Seignosse

Golf de Seignosse on the Landes Coast allows you to access the virtual golf experience with 10 covered bays with TrackMan screens and 10 exterior bays equipped with tripods on which you can place your smartphone or tablet.
Live an out-of-time experience on the driving range at Seignosse with « Kbane », an exclusive concept on the golf where you can have a drink and enjoy some tapas.

Golf de Seignosse (40), Côte Landaise, Nouvelle Aquitaine, Resonance Golf Collection
Kbane, bar à Seignosse (40), sur un golf, Resonance Golf Collection

Golf simulator – Driving range at Marseille

The Golf Bastide de la Salette in Marseille, is equipped with 8 covered bays with TrackMan screen in its South practice area. You will also be able to enjoy the virtual game experience from any of the outdoor bays by scanning the QR code on the tripods and downloading the TrackMan Golf app.

Parcours 18 trous à Marseille, vue green, Golf Bastide de la Salette, Resonance Golf Collection
Practice de golf à Marseille, Resonance Golf Collection

Golf simulator – Driving Range at Opio

The Golf d’Opio-Valbonne in Opio offers a 240-metre long practice range with 6 covered and 22 open bays. The TrackMan technology is accessible on 6 covered bays with connected screens and on any of the exterior bays with your smartphone or tablet. Wi-fi is available on-site to connect to the TrackMan app.

Le parcours 18 trous d'Opio Valbonne
Practice, cibles golf, Resonance Golf Collection
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