Préservation de la biodiversité, faune et flore, dans nos golfs, Resonance Golf Collection

Preserving biodiversity on our collection golf courses

Environmental conservation is at the forefront of Resonance Golf Collection’s concerns. All of our golf clubs are conscientious about the species that inhabit their courses and work diligently to protect and promote these species, whether it be fauna or flora, some of which may be endangered, on a daily basis.

Preserving biodiversity

As a genuine green sanctuary, golf serves as a valuable natural habitat for numerous species, encompassing both fauna and flora. This is why our teams are dedicated to conserving their ecosystem in every action they undertake.

Nichoir à oiseaux,
Abords fleuri au Golf du Touquet, préservation de la biodiversité, Resonance Golf Collection

The areas beyond the golf courses are typically left to nature, not only for their aesthetic appeal but also to facilitate the habitation of various species. When forest maintenance is required, such as selective tree removal, tree trunks are repurposed to construct walls on the course, providing nesting spots for numerous insects.

It’s worth noting that creating habitats on our golf courses for certain species like birds and bats enables these animals to inhabit and protect these spaces from potential predators. We are actively contributing to the preservation of these species, and they are valuable allies for our greenkeepers as they help control certain insects that lay eggs and deposit larvae, which can carry diseases harmful to the greens. This creates a virtuous cycle, allowing course superintendents to reduce the use of products, especially with the arrival of a complete ban on phytosanitary products in 2025.

Nénuphar au golf d'Opio Valbonne, Resonance Golf Collection
Préservation de la faune au Golf d'Hardelot, ici les canards ont élu domicile sur le golf, Resonance Golf Collection

The Golf for Biodiversity program led by the French Golf Federation and the National Museum of Natural History is highly beneficial for our golf courses. Among other advantages, it enables them to more effectively identify all the species that inhabit the courses and to work even more effectively for them and in collaboration with them.

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