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Our World : who we are, our environmental commitments and our partners

With Resonance Golf Collection, live golf and beyond with its collection of exceptional courses and charming hotels. Reconnect with nature in the most beautiful golf destinations in France and Benelux.
Our family-owned group is committed to the values of authenticity, excellence and environmental responsibility. We are also committed to the G.E.O. (Golf Environment Organization) for the sustainable development of our golf courses.
It is for all these reasons and for the quality of our golf courses and hotels, as well as the exceptional service provided to each of our clients that our loyal partners have trusted us and accompanied us for many years.

Who are we ?

Resonance Golf Collection, vivre des expériences lifestyle dans des golfs et hôtels

Resonance Golf Collection is first and foremost a family history that began in 1987 under the name of Open Golf Club, which was at the time a brand based on the emergence of commercial golf courses that were then open to all. Since then, the years have passed and the group has grown to become a golf course manager in France and Belgium and a partner in exceptional golf courses in the same countries as well as in the Netherlands and Luxembourg. As of March 31, 2022, Open Golf Club has become Resonance Golf Collection with a new promise and a new vision of golf lifestyle. At Resonance Golf Collection, golfers and non-golfers alike can enjoy more than just golf, but memorable experiences on their own, with family and friends, whether in our restaurants, hotels, bars or even around the golf courses. Because our golf courses and hotels are all located in areas rich in heritage that invite you to relax.

Our environmental commitments

engagement pour l'environnement au golf, biodiversite, Resonance Golf Collection

Resonance Golf Collection is continually working to respect its environment and the biodiversity that surrounds it in order to preserve the local flora and fauna. This is why sustainability is one of the group’s values. We are committed to the G.E.O. (Golf Environment Organization), which pushes us to continuously improve on the topics of nature, water, energy, supply chain and community.
As part of the Grenelle de l’environnement, we also adhere to the Golf and Environment Charter in conjunction with the French Golf Federation. All of this is aimed at preserving our exceptional natural settings for the sake of the planet and future generations.

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