Try to get to the golf course at least 1½ hours before tee off to avoid feeling rushed and stressed!
You can then start warming up an hour before tee off. Ideally, you need to spend 20 minutes warming up on the driving range (maximum 1 bucket), 15 minutes on your short game and 15 minutes putting. Bear in mind the time it takes to get from one practice area to the other.
If you are short on time, follow the rule of splitting your warm-up time into thirds between full swing, short game and putting. At the driving range, you are better off hitting fifteen carefully aligned balls at your natural rhythm than firing off balls like a machine gun. Also make sure you use a few different clubs. For example: a wedge, a 7-iron, a hybrid and a driver or 3-wood.
The most important thing is to warm up your muscles and work on your coordination. Try to be as relaxed as possible. Make your first swings at half speed and gradually increase the intensity. If the driving range is too far away, concentrate on your short game, as practising getting out of the bunker will help warm up your full swing.