To improve your performance and progress your game, you need to get used to counting after each round. Here are some of the indicators to look out for: the number of regulation shots onto fairways and greens, successful approach putts and the total number of putts. This will give you a better idea of your performance rather than how you feel emotionally.
To help you, app stores have several mobile apps you can use to enter and analyse your statistics.
As far as your miss-hits are concerned, check whether there is a trend. Then you’ll know what you need to work on to improve your performance.
Also check whether your strategy is the right one: did you play sensibly? Or the opposite, was your swing too short? Did you have the right mix of shots? Did you check out the course properly beforehand?
In terms of your frame of mind and energy levels, did you remember to breathe properly, eat enough and make sure you were hydrated? All these elements are a crucial part of your game!
Finally, if you under-performed, try to visualise all the strokes you hit well! It’s important to build your confidence in yourself as a golfer and maintain it.