If you can play a practice round the day before, that is great! Play a full practice round of the course if you do not know it well or at all. If you know it but have not played it for a while, play a few holes to get used to the firmness of the fairways and greens, see how the ball rolls and inspect the condition of the rough. Check how far the ball carries in the current weather conditions. Remember: 1 club difference between winter and summer! Play lots of approach shots and putts in order to have a solid understanding of the conditions and shoot a good round!
Do not hit too many practice balls at the range (maximum of two buckets) to avoid expending your energy.
This is not the time to try to correct anything! Embrace your natural movement, regardless of the trajectory it produces. You will have to play with it and adopt the right strategy. A low score depends on your skill at 80m or less.