Do what I do, what I’ve always done – or rather not always done -, which is not to count your score during the round. I concentrate so much on the present moment, stroke after stroke, hole after hole, that I often do not have an accurate idea of my score.
What is the most important stroke in golf? The next one!
By embracing this habit, you expose yourself less to stress, such as the fear of failure.
Here is a psychological concept: your score on previous holes has no bearing on the next one. The next hole presents a new challenge. To boost your chance of success, find your own way to reset your emotional state to ‘neutral’ at each tee. Whether you are feeling frustrated or nervous about potentially the best score in your golfing life, the goal remains the same: achieving the most relaxation, enjoyment and concentration possible in the present moment and focusing on playing your stroke. Remember that you came to play golf because of the enjoyment it brings you (and the wonderful walk!), despite there being some disappointments of course. Think about a good score as a bonus of the round. Paradoxically, the less you obsess about the score, the better it will be!
However, that does not detract from your desire to play well. Your competitiveness must take the form of utter concentration on each stroke.