A groundbreaking conference on the topic of mental strength in golf, led by Sonia Kofman.

Le Golf du Touquet hosted its inaugural conference on Friday, January 19, focusing on “self-awareness.” This new experience at Golf du Touquet was led by Sonia Kofman, a doctor of pharmacy and certified professional coach specializing in coaching, emotional intelligence and mindfulness meditation.

During this conference, she engaged with participants on the importance of practicing mindfulness meditation and its impact on the mental strength of golfers!

Beyond golf, this activity helps maintain composure and resist pressure, avoiding frustration when facing challenges on the course or during competitions. Mindfulness meditation aids in dispelling negative thoughts, refocusing on the present moment, managing emotions, and concentrating on what truly matters in the here and now.

Sonia demonstrated how patience, letting go, confidence, non-judgment, and self-acceptance are key to overcoming challenging moments on the golf course, especially when faced with a series of poor shots. Another crucial concept is that of the beginner’s mind, aiming to approach each situation as if experiencing it for the first time. Sonia used the example of teeing off on a challenging hole, explaining that in such a situation, it is necessary to free oneself from all baggage and approach the hole as if playing it for the first time. When the mind is free from negative thoughts, and you are relaxed, your body receives positive signals, aiding you in advancing your game and achieving your objectives.

onia concluded with the following statement:

“You have within you everything you need. Winning or losing is not the focus. A player who knows what he has within him concentrates better. It’s not about improving the game. It’s about self-confidence.”

Testimonial from a participant

A wonderful moment during which Sonia provided us with some tools to achieve better concentration on our game and consequently enhance performance. Thank you.

Eric D

Meditation session at Golf du Touquet

Sonia Kofman offers meditation sessions at Golf du Touquet where she will assist you in aligning yourself, ensuring that your body, heart, and mind are in harmony.

Through this, you will cultivate emotional intelligence, helping you feel better in your golf game and in your life.