Pratiquer le yoga sur un golf, pour être en totale connexion avec la nature, Resonance Golf Collection

Yoga and meditation sessions at our golf clubs

Our golf courses open their doors to you in a tranquil and natural setting, perfect for relaxation and unwinding, and ideally suited for yoga and meditation practice. Let go of stress and refocus on yourself by choosing an activity that harmonizes both body and mind, creating unity.

Meditation will enable you to find inner peace while enhancing your ability to listen to yourself. It also contributes to strengthening your immune and muscular systems. For golfers, meditation can aid in enhancing your grounding, resilience, and risk management, allowing you to stay focused on what truly matters in your game.

Yoga will bestow physical and mental well-being upon you through sequences that help cultivate flexibility in both the lower and upper limbs. This is an ideal activity for both golfers and non-golfers alike.

Where practicing meditation in a golf club ?

Meditation session in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage Golf du Touquet

Golf du Touquet

Golf du Touquet

In addition to its three golf courses, Golf du Touquet offers meditation sessions guided by Sonia Kofman, a certified mindfulness meditation facilitator. She will assist you in connecting with your emotions through breathing exercises. You will experience a deep sense of tranquility within yourself.

Book your next meditation session in Le Touquet directly with Sonia!

Meditation session in Marseille

Golf Bastide de la Salette

Golf Bastide de la Salette

From €20

Take a break and treat yourself to a moment of serenity and mindfulness awakening, just for you. Golf Bastide de la Salette offers meditation sessions in Marseille. Nathalie Spataro tailors the experience to your needs and preferences, providing guidance in group meditation sessions or individual lessons for personalized support.

Book your next meditation session in Marseille directly with Nathalie!

Where practicing yoga in a golf club?

Yoga class in Marseille

From €20

Take a break and immerse yourself in a moment of disconnection during a yoga class in Marseille at Golf Bastide de la Salette. Yoga will assist you in finding your balance and vitality through sequences. You will also work on enhancing your flexibility, which in turn will aid in maintaining physical fitness.

Nathalie Spataro also offers therapeutic yoga consultations tailored to address specific concerns, complete with a follow-up protocol.

Book your next yoga class in Marseille directly with Nathalie!

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