The Golf des Yvelines was named Golf of the Week by the French Golf Federation

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Inaugurated by Resonance Golf Collection in May 1990, this emblematic golf course of Ile-de-France is 45 kilometers west of Paris near La-Queue-Lez-Yvelines, and was drawn by British architect Bill Baker, on the historical domain of La Couharde. Its two courses, the 18-hole Les Chênes and the 9-hole Les Tilleuls, meander in the forest then in plains, in a breathtaking natural setting. The 18-hole is a technical and hilly course, while Les Tilleuls is more adapted to beginners.

During your game, you can see the Château de La Couharde, which dates back to the 16th century. It shelters the club-house, the locker room and the golf’s restaurant. The golf course is also home to a population of roe deer, which are used to seeing golfers.

This nomination from the FFG underlines the exceptional setting of this golf course and its domain, both for its level of play and its beauty.

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