Open Golf Club TROPHY 2021

Open Golf Club Trophy has become over the years one of the most popular tournaments for Benelux golfers. For the 9th Edition, the competition will take place in six Belgian golf courses, one Luxembourg golf course, two Dutch golf courses as well as the final which will take place, as usual in France, on the exceptional courses of the Touquet Golf Resort and the Golfs d’Hardelot.

Golfers are invited to play in a golf course different from their own. This is the originality of the concept: to introduce golfers to new courses during a friendly tournament. The game format will take place in Individual Stableford (with direct qualification for the final). This competition is open to all players in possession of a federal card.

Members of Open Golf Club golf courses receive a 25% discount on qualifying events.

Qualifying Stage Calendar

Dates of the competition Golf Club
12th June 2021 Golf Club Golf & Country Cub Oudenaarde
19th June 2021 Golf Club Millennium Golf Club
10th July 2021 Golf Club Golf & Countryclub de Palingbeek
17th July 2021 Golf Club Golf Club de Clervaux
7th August 2021 Golf Club Royal Golf Club des Fagnes
21st August 2021 Golf Club Golf Club de Liège-Gomzé
5th September 2021 Golf Club Mont Garni
18 September 2021 Golf Club Best Golf
25th September 2021 Golf Club Golf & Countryclub Crossmoor
17-18 October 2021 Golf Club Finale by Touquet Golf Resort & Golfs d'Hardelot
Sur le parcours 18 trous des Dunes et des Pins au Golf d'Hardelot se déroule la Buzz'Cup, un tournoir inter-entreprises et associations
Les Dunes | Hardelot Golfs
La Mer Golf Course | Touquet Golf Resort