Conditions of travel to France from abroad

The sanitary measures applying to travelers coming to France have changed since 9th June 2021. It now depends on the sanitary situation of the country of origin and vaccination status of each travellers.

The countries has been classified according to health indicators. A world map with two colours has been created to identify the ratings of each country. The list has been recently updated depending on the epidemic situation in the country of origin.


Update :

Anyone aged 12 or more entering French territory who does not have a proof of complete vaccination scheme or a certification of recovering from Covid-19 must present a negative PCR or antigen test respectively of less than 72 hours or 48 hours.

  • These are the countries of the European area: Member States of the European Union as well as Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and the Vatican. The following countries and territories are also included Angola, Argentina, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belize, Benin, Bolivia, Botswana, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Brazil, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Cape Verde, Colombia, Comoros, Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Cuba, Djibouti, Ecuador, Egypt, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Fiji, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Equatorial Guinea, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, United States, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Honduras, Hong Kong, Mauritius, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jamaica, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Laos, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Morocco Mauritania, Mozambique, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Namibia, Nepal, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Qatar, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda. El Salvador, Samoa, Senegal, Seychelles, Sudan, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tanzania, Chad, East Timor, Togo, Tunisia, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

  • These are all countries not included in the list of “green” countries.

Each traveler has to present various documents to enter

Green travelers:
You can enter with a proof of completed vaccination, a certification of recovering from Covid-19 less than 6 months or without proof with negative PCR or antigen test for Covid-19 performed within 72 hours or 48 hours respectively.

Orange travelers:
You can enter with a proof of completed vaccination and with a sworm statement or without proof with a travel certificate,, a sworm statement, negative PCR test within 72 hours of departure or a negative antigen test carried out within 48 hours before departure , antigenic test on arrival for travelers aged 12 or over, respect a 7 days isolation period after your entry in France.

In France, vaccination is validated when vaccination is completed:

  • 7 days after the 2nd injection for double injection vaccines (Pfizer/Comirnaty, Moderna, AstraZeneca/Vaxzevria/Covishield/Fiocruz/R-Covi);
  • 28 days after injection for vaccines with a single injection (Johnson & Johnson);
  • 7 days after a single injection for people with a history of Covid-19.

Since March 14th 2022 the « sanitary pass » is suspended and wearing a mask in no longer obligate except in public transports. 

Is your vaccination complete and test negativ ?


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